About LiveTheta


Create a safe space for the individual to find their subconscious beliefs - that so far have created their reality - and change them if they wish to. 


Create constant opportunities for the individual to connect to their own spirituality and develop their own intuitive abilities; living a full life connected to the divine. 


To spread  the ThetaHealing philosophy around the world with love, compassion and joy; and without discrimination, segregation or preference. 


Create a community where ThetaHealers work together in harmony and love helping anyone on the planet that is seeking help.


To teach day to day useful tools to connect people with the Creator of All That Is and how to live a spiritual life in love and abundance. 



That everyone has the necessary tools to heal the body, mind, soul and spirit.


That everyone is able to heal, understand and learn from their past and present experiences and thus be able to create the future they always dreamt of.


That we live in a world where people can recognize that they are important and have a connection with God. Creating spiritual lives filled with abundance, love and happiness.


Creating a world of love, kindness and magic. Without separation, segregation or discrimination. Where we recognize how every living being is special and we support and encourage each other, becoming the true creators of our universe. 


Our History

In 2010 Samantha Lohmann embarked on a miraculous healing path learning the Thetahealing Technique. With this, she managed to achieve extraordinary changes in her life which she shared with all her family. This allowed her to certify as a ThetaHealing Instructor together with her sister Prisila and her mother Martha in October 2011. 


After her Certification, Samantha decided to start her own healing business to teach this technique in Mexico City,  founding the company “Vive ThetaHealing”. She started organizing her first classes and individual sessions. Together with Prisila Lohmann they designed the very first logo of LiveTheta, at that time called ViveThetaHealing. 


In 2012 Samantha collaborated as a translator from English to Spanish during some of the Instructor classes given by Vianna Stibal in the ThetaHealing headquarters then located in Idaho Falls, U.S.A. 


That same summer, Samantha achieved her ThetaHealing Certificate of Science® which furthered her dedication to spread the wisdom and tools of this wonderful technique.  

In 2012 Samantha met Arikatas and together they formed a partnership which culminated in the successful coordination of the ThetaHealing Instructors Seminars in Lindau, Germany 2015.


In 2014, previous to the Certification in Germany, ViveThetaHealing migrates to LiveTheta, honoring the new policies of the ThetaHealing technique around the trademark use. This change was inspired by the desire to bring LiveTheta to a worldwide market. 


During the 2015 Instructors Certification in Lindau, we had an amazing collaboration and support from Matthias Wirth, now the founder of W Corporations C.E.C (Country Event Coordinator) for Switzerland and manager of the ThetaHealing Headquarters in Europe. During this event, Prisila Lohmann was also present as Coordination Assistant. 


In 2016 LiveTheta once again restructured as the partnership with Arikatas concluded, and he left to embark on his own path as a ThetaHealing Instructor and created his own company.


Samantha  and Prisila Lohmann were appointed by Vianna Stibal as Co-Coordinators for Spain and with this a new partnership began.

In 2017 LiveTheta becomes the new C.E.C for Spain coordinating the first visit of Vianna Stibal in Spain in the beautiful city of Valencia.


Since 2017, LiveTheta has  coordinated the ThetaHealing Instructor Certifications in Spain every year. They also continue the mission to spread the ThetaHealing technique in Mexico, Spain, Montana and other cities and countries around the world; teaching practitioners classes and giving individual sessions. 


In 2018 Samantha and Prisila Co-Founded the companies Detrás de la Cortina in Mexico and Lohmann Enterprises in Spain; with the goal of sustaining LiveTheta’s worldwide growth. 


Our commitment is to uphold the high quality standards and legal statues of the ThetaHealing trademark following Vianna Stibal’s teaching guidelines in the purest way.


We wish to continue offering individual sessions, practitioners classes and Instructor Certifications with the highest quality, love and compassion all over the world. 

Our Goal

At LiveTheta we are interested in the development and growth of every person with the ThetaHealing technique. We have certified instructors for every ThetaHealing Practitioner seminar, some of the elective seminars and we are constantly organizing events to satisfy the needs of every client and student. 


We are based in Mexico City (Naucalpan, Tecamachalco) and we teach anywhere in the country. 


Our base point is Valencia, a beautiful city that combines history, culture and the sea. We teach anywhere in Spain

New Places

We are happy to coordinate ThetaHealing seminars in your location, please contact us to find out the details.