Make the decision of improving your life! It is possible to live in perfect health and balance, the limit of what we can achieve is in our mind and with ThetaHealing® you will learn to go beyond of what you have ever imagined.


In a ThetaHealing® session we can work through any illness or problem in a personal, confidential and private way during approximately 45 minutes. Every session is different since every person is different. During the first session, we evaluate the mental, emotional, social and economical areas of the person and discover their personal goals to be worked on with ThetaHealing®. Every ThetaHealing facilitator, practitioner or instructor follows the general guidelines of the technique but has his or her own personal style. In general, the sessions start with asking permission to connect to the client's energy, after this we inquire what they wish to work on. If the client has no particular subject they would like to work on, it is likely we can ask things like: If you could change, in this moment, anything in your life, what would you change?


The ThetaHealing technique has been used to resolve a great variety of physical and emotional problems. In an ordinary session we do an intuitive reading of the body, we work on the persons beliefs and do healings. It is likely that while receiving a session we show the client how to do a muscle test (a basic principle of kinesiology) to see what beliefs are stored in the subconscious that may trigger the changes they wish. Nothing is changed without the client's consent, so we ask verbal permission for every belief that will be changes and to do the healing.



If there is a serious physical disease, the focus would be on healing the illness and finding the emotional causes. We would focus on finding and changing the chain of negative thoughts and behaviors that could be generating the disease or even preventing the healing.


Everything you desire is possible through the energy of Creation! You only need one thing, willingness and disposition to live in Complete Health, Abundance, Unconditional Love, Joy, Harmony and Happiness. If you want to change something in your life y the opportunity to create a better present and future releasing your past, contact us to schedule a session.


Sessions only by appointment. The sessions are also offered by Skype.