Terms and Return Policy

Return Policy


To request a reimbursement for a deposit, inscription or total payment of the seminars or personal appointments please review the terms and conditions of this website (you'll find them below) to know the details of payment. 


If you have any doubts, please contact us to info@livetheta.com or by WhatsApp to +5215532113560. Our response time may vary from 3 to 5 days. 

Terms of Use

Deposit Payment - Registration:

  1. The payment of the balance can be partially reimbursed if you request the cancellation of your assistance to the seminar before 15 days of the beginning of class. You will be charged 20% for administration fees. 
  2. If you cancel 14 days before the beginning of the seminar the deposit fee is NON refundable under any circumstance.

Total Payment for the Seminar:

  1. If you cancel with at least 15 days prior to the beginning of class and you have already completed the total payment, you will get a 80% reimbursement, 20% will be charged as administration fees. 
  2.  From 14 to 1 day of the class you will get the reimbursement with a penalty of 30% for administration fees. 
  3. Once the class has started there are no reimbursements. 
  4. It's important to notice that you will only receive the certification of the class once you have completed the full length in days and hours stablished for the class. Otherwise you will not be reimbursed for your payment and you will not receive a diploma certifying your attendance to class. 

Certification of the class: 


To receive the certification of the seminar you must be present during the class hours and participate in the exercises established during the lectures and given by the instructor. 


At the end of the classes by the ThetaHealing® technique you will be given a diploma of participation and you a personal profile will be created in the oficial site www.thetahealing.com, this confirms your completion of the class as a practitioner of the class you attended. If you wish to continue your training in the ThetaHealing technique, this allows you to add to the requirements for the following classes and even become a ThetaHealing Instructor. The waiver you will sign allows you to have a limited use of the ThetaHealing brand as it is stated in the signed contract. 


The personal profile that is created in the official ThetaHealing site will be hidden from the public to protect you personal information. After you complete a practitioners class, you will receive an email by THInK Headquarters that gives you access to your personal profile where you can edit the information you wish to share if you decide to make it public.  


Personal Appointments:


Once you confirm a date and time for a personal appointment you must complete the payment of the service within the next 24 hrs. to confirm your session. In case of cancelation you can do so before 48hrs of the given appointment and your payment will be reimbursed or transferred to a new appointment on an available schedule. 


If you do not show up to a personal appointment, either in person or online, or you are not reachable after 15 minutes of the date and time scheduled, you loose your appointment and will NOT be reimbursed.