Our Team - LiveTheta

Samantha Lohmann

Instructor, Master &

ThetaHealing® Certificate

of Science


Official ThetaHealing®  Event Coordinator in Spain (C.E.C.)


Prisila Lohmann

 Instructora, Master y

Certificado de Ciencias

de ThetaHealing® 


Official ThetaHealing® Event Coordinator in Spain (C.E.C.)

Martha Quiroz

ThetaHealing Instructor 2011


Assisting Manager

If you wish to host us in your country or city please contact us for more details.


To support the growth and the reach of this wonderful technique we love to collaborate with other ThetaHealing® Instructors, ThetaHealers and Awakened Masters worldwide. You can find a Certified Instructor in the oficial site www.thetahealing.com!

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