Family Ties

Seminar Description

This seminar explores how—through better understanding the beliefs and programs of family and ancestors—we can free ourselves from various obligations and duties (which were never ours to begin with) and formulate a new sense of identity and direction in life based on our own true goals and aspirations.


This seminar applies the basic tools of ThetaHealing to address a host of issues related to family. In the process a number of innovative exercises are introduced. Areas of focus include:


• Clearing resentments toward one’s parents

• Identifying energetic patterns reverberating in one’s family over generations and bringing them to complete resolution

• Recollecting one’s intention in having been born into this world, and in choosing one’s particular family

• Integration with the higher self

About Reiko & Daniel Samos

Reiko & Daniel Samos
Reiko & Daniel Samos

Daniel Samos


Born in Chicago. Trained in a wide range of modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy, Reiki, Thai Massage, and the Yuen Method. Holds the Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing, and is accredited to teach all ThetaHealing practitioner courses.


Daniel is a translator and interpreter of Japanese, and has interpreted many times for ThetaHealing founder Vianna Stibel. He helped with translation for the Japanese editions of Advanced ThetaHealing, and ThetaHealing Diseases and Disorders.*


Reiko Samos


Reiko is from Japan and also holds the ThetaHealing Certificate of Science. She credits Theta with helping her overcome asthma and dramatically change her life. Her areas of particular interest and expertise include the Akashic Records, sound healing and essential oil therapy.


Reiko is also a publisher and editor. She has published two books on ThetaHealing, and served as editor for the Japanese editions of Advanced ThetaHealing and ThetaHealing Diseases and Disorders.*


* Information provided by lecturer