Growing a Healing Practice*

Seminar Description

Research estimates that there are about 289 million wellness consumers in the world's 30 most industrialized and wealthiest countries (2010). Demand for spiritual healing/meditational services is increasing more than ever before. Many healing practitioners start offering healing services in various countries; entry to the market is relatively easy, but growing the business can be challenging. 


Hiro is a representative of ThetaHealing Japan and was instrumental in growing the modality in Japan to the most popular healing modality in the country. Based on his experience helping 1000+ healing businesses, he will share with you several key strategies that create critical difference in the healing market. With his step-by-step guidance, you will understand dynamics of the healing market in your region/country and identify business opportunities, and create your strategy and action plan to start and grow your healing business. 


Throughout the course, both logical and intuitive approach will be used to align body/mind/spirit to achieve the same goals, ensuring joy and pleasure in the process toward fulfilling your purpose.


Topics include:

  • Healing Market Trend and opportunities
  • Why do you do this? (Mission, Vision, Customers, Opportunities)
  • Healing Service Model (mix of services to create sustainable high growth)
  • Game Plan (Differentiators/Service/Marketing/Sales/IT/Others)
  • Take the First Action
  • How to keep it going

*"Growing a Healing Practice" is NO ThetaHealing seminar.

About Hiroyuki Miyazaki


Hiroyuki Miyazaki (a.k.a. Hiro) is the representative of Japan ThetaHealing. In two years of his tenure, Japan ThetaHealing achieved 900% growth in the organization and increased public recognition through various advertisements, bringing ThetaHealing as one of the most popular healing modalities in Japan.


Before ThetaHealing, Hiro worked in financial industry for 17 years, demonstrated his strength of managing large projects in multi-cultural environment. Back in those days, Hiro discovered that business performance is largely affected by people's limiting beliefs, where he succeeded in achieving major performance increase through application of ThetaHealing.


Hiro strongly believes that anyone can improve business performance by ThetaHealing technique.*


* Information provided by lecturer