Karma Breakthrough

Seminar Description

The New Elective Class will teach you how to effectively change your Karma by following with the knowledge.
What does a person take when he leaves this earth, not money, but knowledge and karma? 
Honorable Vianna Stibal says that humans use hate, anger and fear as crutches to keep on reincarnating and to overcome that one must master certain virtues in beliefs and behaviours. Karma Breakthrough is an important step towards it. The goal of mankind is knowledge. 

According to the Spiritual Law of Karma, mindsets that we bring into this lifetime are our karma. If we have the self-belief and mind-set that we are lacking or 'not good enough', that belief will inevitably draw into our lives the people and circumstances that will make us feel weak and/or inferior.

In this course we will learn:
  • The secrets of Law of Karma, its principles, its effects and also how to manage it spiritually leading to activation of Prana Kundalini and   when our Prana Kundalini is activated it leads to Divine accumulation of Divine Wealth, Optimum health and Love leading to wonderful family life .
  • Further Practising of the technique at advance levels leads to very high level of Soul Evolvement and Higher levels of Kundalini activation .
  • Every thought is a cause and every cause is going to have an effect and most of us want the effect of joy and sometimes are not able to create that  because we do not know how to create sufficient cause  to create that joy ,had we known we would have created that. But creator Knows and we can  have that  if we abide by the  Law of  Karma through creators perspective.

About Sumant & Sumeet Kaul

Sumant & Sumeet Kaul
Sumant & Sumeet Kaul
Sumant Kaul
Sumant Kaul Mht,Lblrt,Plrt,NLPT is the Founder of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough , Love ,Health and Wealth Breakthrough, and Create Wealth through Law of Magnetism very powerful techniques when learnt together impact in changing people's life  and negative Karma instantly as the person realises what they have been doing till now to sabotage themselves and  they have a choice  to CHANGE INSTANTLY.

He is also a Senior Master Thetahealer and Certificate of Science and has been designated as AMBASSADOR OF THETAHEALING FOR INDIA and UAE by H.H.Vianna Stibal.


Sumant has served as an teacher to hundreds of   thousands of people around the world and many of them have been leaders of National and International Luminaries of importance, Business Czars.

He is an authority on the psychology of Marketing innovations, Peace Strategies, Love, brotherhood, leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and Hitech peak performance.


His NGO International Healing Foundation a Trust he has formed is to   provide support and assistance to  needy, education for girl child, food for the poorest of poor  senior citizens, and the homeless, Sumant kaul has impacted  lives of  millions of people directly and indirectly in  more than 30 countries with his wonderful techniques like Karma Kundalini Break through ,Love, Health and Wealth Breakthrough and Create Wealth through Law of Attraction. 


Sumant Kaul has researched extensively on the Law of Cause & Effect and how this coding in the cells of the physical body affects life patterns and the journey of the individual's soul.*



Sumeet Kaul


Mht, PLrt, LBLrt, Medical Intuitive, International Master ThetaHealer, Clairvoyant, psychic is a dynamic.

He is an electronics and communications engineer by profession, and Master Trainer in Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Neuro Linguistic Programming. He advocates love, co-operation and Peace - the motto of the ThetaHealing institute.*


* Information provided by lecturer