Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Starting in 2016 the New Manifesting and Abundance Instructors.

This seminar is designed: 

1. To teach you how to use ThetaHealing in the Highest and Best Way to assure you success in all aspects of your life. We'll be shifting reality to create space for relationships, careers, and purpose in life we want to invision. 

As for wealth, having financial abundance is nothing more than having the energetic tools needed to complete our mission / goals on this earth. 


2. To give you vital universal tools to self discovery to utilize your potential. 

You will learn and keep learning (not a one shot deal) 

How to clear possible blocks 

To set your intentions and how to make a plan 

To follow through on your ideas to achieve successes

In ThetaHealing, the concept of manifesting is the Belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the power of the Creator-Of-All-That-Is.