Think What You Think

Seminar Description

If you're like most people, your thoughts tend to wander. You think about things and situations that don't serve your highest benefit. Suddenly you catch yourself thinkig about problems, illness, poverty, misfortune... you just can't stop creating negative thought forms. 

Are your thoughts thinking you? What do create with your thoughts? 


This class will help you find out what it is that blocks you from creating positive thoughts, and creating the reality you want. You will learn how to consciously shift your vibration using ThetaHealing™ tools and have thoughts that work for you, not against you. At the end of the class you will feel empowered and in control of your life, as well as your thoughts.


Thoughts are the connection between our subconsciousness and the reality that surrounds us. Thoughts create our reality. Thoughts manifest into reality.Thoughts become manifest.

Exercises: What are thoughts? Where do all those thoughts come from? How do thoughts form our life? Identification and creation. How we think about ourselves. Playing with reality. Conscious presence in the flow of thoughts...

About Tomislav Gunjaca

Tomislav Gunjaca
Tomislav Gunjaca

I was born 1963rd in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I traveled the world, worked a variety of jobs, from trenching to organizing transport in the UNPROFOR. 20 years ago I founded my design and printing company, which still operates.

I settled down again in Zagreb, where I live and teach ThetaHealing.

I read, travel, dive, ski, skydive, enjoy life, share knowledge and experiences that I have acquired.


Ever since I can remember I have been interested in everything around me...

My first serious encounter with the energy that science cannot explain by mathematical or physical formulas, occurred to me 1981.

I was 18 years old and I found a sinker (pendulum) with instructions  booklet. The sinker exactly answered with YES and NO every time, and that is what spurred me into some serious study and comparing the official science and alternative (about phenomena that science can’t explain). Today I know that this was no coincidence, as I thought at the time. Everything happens for a reason.


Some time ago, I felt full force healing abilities when I discovered the Theta Healing technique.

I have always tried to connect all the knowledge that I have obtained through life but I tried not to accepted anything without checking it. I respect the views of others. Nobody knows everything, including me. My opinion (judgment) is that I have collected the best of everything that was available to me in life and  united it all into one unit the best way I could.


As far as I am allowed to, and as much as I can; I am still learning.

Actual levels of education in the ThetaHealing technique: practitioner, instructor, master, certificate of science... and the learning continues.

I chose the healing and teaching, helping people, I work with joy and love.

For me, there is no better experience than the moment of happiness on the face of the person I've helped.*

* Information provided by lecturer